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Much work has been done on the trees in the churchyard. Over the years these had become a bit overgrown and so the PCC decided to seek some advice and get some pruning done!

Five of the trees in the Churchyard have tree preservation orders on them and so we had to get authorisation to work on those from the Council.

A lot of the basic scrub clearing much of which was self-set holly bushes was done by Alan Skinner with a little help from his friends and as a result the churchyard looks much more open and a number of gravestones which were hidden are now visible.

Local tree surgeon James Stevenson did a remarkable job on the larger trees. in particular the apple tree next to the front gate has been trimmed to shape and is looking great.

One bush which James could not deal with was a buddleia growing out of the Church spire. We  had to get steeplejacks in to do that work and they spent three days erecting a series of ladders before abseiling from the top of the spire and cutting  down the bush, drilling out rrots and treating them. Not a cheap exercise but absolutely necessary work. Jim Tyson has an excellent video of the work taking place.