A host of golden Daffodils


You may remember that between Christmas and Easter I had a wacky idea to make Easter “secret” gifts for the residents and Staff of Sibbertoft Manor. The response from knitters was egg-cellent and those who declared they could not get egg-cited about knitting were generous enough to send donations which covered all costs. Thank you to both groups of people, which meant that we able to provide egg-travagant gifts. We made 72 knitted daffodils which each had a crème egg hidden in the trumpet and the vases of 72 daffodils looked egg-traordinary as they awaited delivery to the Manor on Easter Day. Some residents liked them so much they had their photograph taken which can be viewed on the Sibbertoft Manor Facebook gallery page. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to this project, it is much appreciated by me and the recipients.                            

Kairen Ball


A host of golden daffodils