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1 John: ‘About Love and Life’



There are 3 letters in the New Testament with authorship attributed to John the Apostle: writer of the fourth gospel in which he identifies himself as ‘the disciple Jesus loved’. The common authorship is reinforced by the opening of 1 John with a prologue that has obvious similarities with the prologue to John’s gospel.

John declares his aims in writing within the letter (see 1 John 2:1,12,13,14,26 and 5:13) but there is evidently a broader purpose to his writing. John is thought to have been in based in Ephesus and writing to Christians in Asia Minor, a region where Greek cultural influences are deeply embedded. Greek philosophical ideas had become blended with Christianity in a way that was undermining the teaching of Jesus and the apostles. John aims to correct their confused thinking especially about the identity of Jesus.        

The theme that runs throughout is love – God’s love and ours. The word appears over 50 times in the letter. John famously states that ‘God is love’. As children of God we love because he loves us. God’s love is expressed to us in his Son, Jesus Christ and we express that love in ‘truth and action’. Another memorable phrase from this letter is ‘perfect love casts out fear’. Faith and love shape the Christians life and especially the relationships between Christians.


The plan is that we journey through the letter of 1 John’s in five Zoom sessions -  broadly a chapter at a time.

Week 1

13 Jan

Prologue & Forgiveness

1:1 - 2:2

Week 2

20 Jan

Love expressed among Christians

2:3 – 2:28

Week 3

27 Jan

Behaving as God’s children

2:29 – 3:24

Week 4

3 Feb

God’s love expressed in Jesus

4:1 – 4:21

Week 5

10 Feb

Faith, hope and love

5:1 - 5:21


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