At Home group - Wed 7:30pm - Meet the Disciples

The At Home group begins a new series of get-togethers on Zoom,
each Wednesday evenings
from 21st April to 19th May,
meeting at 7:30pm for one hour.


The theme of the series is Meet the Disciples.


What can we learn about these close companions of Jesus and what can we learn from them? What do we know of their prior lives, of their time with Jesus and their lives after Jesus had ascended? (Ascension Day falls during our series – on 13th May.)


Mostly the practise of the day was that the prospective disciple would choose their tutor, but it was Jesus who chose his disciples to prepare them for the task of taking his message to the wider world. They received just three years of teaching and training from him.   


We might think them an unlikely bunch and they certainly represent a diversity of life experience. The extraordinary thing is that eleven out of twelve went on to change the world.







 21 April

Bringing others to Jesus

Simon Peter, Andrew


 28 April

Faith and doubt

Philip, Thomas, Nathanael/Bartholomew


 5 May

Divided loyalties

Matthew, Judas Iscariot


 12 May

The right priorities

James, John


 19 May

Faithful to the end

Thaddaus/Jude, Simon the Zealot,

James (Son of Alphaeus)


Both At Home regulars and newcomers are very welcome. To support participation a ‘Guide Sheet’ is sent out in advance of each get-together so let Gordon Temple have your email address to include you.

Normally the group meets on the Virtual Services for the Naseby Group Zoom account (ID 697 715 534).


To find out more contact Gordon Temple 
on 07990 887635 
or at