‘At Home’ Zoom group - The Church is Born


Over recent weeks the ‘At Home’ group has looked at the lives of Jesus’ twelve disciples. The question we were left with was: what happened next? What were the origins the Church? How did it grow and spread so dramatically?

So we are going to breeze through the early chapters of the book of Acts to find out. Written by Luke, author of the third Gospel, Acts chronicles the founding of the church and its spread across the ancient Mediterranean world. The early chapters cover the beginnings which largely happen in and around Israel and its these that we shall consider.


Week 1

2 June

Roots and shoots

1:1 – 2:41

Week 2

9 June

Sharing and challenge

2:42 – 4:35

Week 3

16 June

Deceit and persecution

4:36 – 6:7

Week 4

23 June

Serving and suffering

6:8 – 8:3

Week 5

30 June

Spreading and surprises

8:4 – 9:43

Week 6

7 July

Preparing for global mission

10:1 – 11:30


About ‘At Home’

‘At Home’ is a get-together on Zoom each Wednesday starting at 7:30pm for one hour with informal discussion centred on readings from the Bible.

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