Closure of church Buildings

Closure of church Buildings

It is with a heavy heart that we have closed the Benefice church buildings once again to private prayer and public worship. 

With the new Covid-19 variant resulting in much higher infection rates, I felt that there was no alternative to taking this action. 

Our church buildings are sanctuaries, places of safety, and I believe it would be irresponsible to risk them becoming places of threat or peril, however small some may feel that risk to be. 

We are certainly living through challenging times, but it is my hope and prayer that things will soon improve; however, this is surely only going to be the case with strict adherence to regulations, and as the vaccine roll-out continues.

The difficult decision to close the Benefice churches will be reviewed as the situation improves, and in the light of Government advice and regulations. 

Please do keep safe – and remember our Zoom service at 10am every Sunday when we can come together, albeit virtually, for worship. 

God is with us, faithfully leading us on through the darkness and into the light of a new dawn, and days full of possibility, opportunity, and fresh hope.

With my love and prayers for you all,

Revd Miranda