Lent Appeal- Jars of Change

   Lent Appeal- Jars of Change

During Lent we are going to join the Water Aid Appeal to raise money for this charity which tries to bring clean drinking water, sanitation and health care learning to the billions around the world who do not have these resources for themselves. You can read more about Water Aid on wateraid.org

If you want to take part, please find a suitable receptacle (large jam jar, big box etc) in which to save your donations during Lent. At the end of the Lent period we will decide how best to collect your donations and submit them to Water Aid as a Benefice donation. If you would prefer to put an indicator in your jar rather than actual cash then please do so and then you can BACS your donation or write a cheque.

Perhaps during Lent you have given something up, so you could either put in the cost of what you have given up, or an IOU every time you would have bought it/spent on it. If you are a person who has taken on something during Lent, decide personally how much you think it is worthwhile and either put in money or an IOU for that amount, every time you engage in the action.

I am going to put money in my Jar of Change every time I use water. So for a cup of tea I might decide to put in a £1, so a picture of a cup would go in. Using the toilet, or bath or shower would have another picture, washing vegetables etc another and using the washer another. At the end of Lent we will let you know how to either transfer your jar etc or transfer the IOU’s or the pictures (into a cheque or BACS) and how to pay the total over so we can send the whole donation from Naseby Group together.

I do hope you will want to join in, so everyone can enjoy clean, uninfected water to drink, and access to a toilet of their own as well as medical and health care to save millions of lives particularly the under 5’s.

Thank you for your generosity, please help if you are able. Kairen 575331