Urgent! Food Bank Collections

Urgent! Food Bank Collections

Food banks across the country are facing unprecedented demand, 
and finding it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of such large numbers.

They desperately need more in the way of food donations, 
and Carolyne Robinson was asked by the Hope Centre in Northampton
if she could coordinate efforts here for them and for the food banks
across the Northampton area with whom they are linked.  

Some of our parishes have existing links with Jubilee Foodbank
in Market Harborough and these will continue
 - they, too, have much greater need, so do think about donating to them. 


There are collection boxes in the following locations:

Marston Trussell
Christine Otway 9 Main St 
directly opposite the church hall

Sue McCrae, 42 Welland Rise
St Helen’s Church porch
There will also be collection boxes
 out at the Saturday pop-up stalls.

Vicky Johnson, 15 Salford Close
St Mary The Virgin Church porch


Lets make sure no one has to worry about food during this crisis.

"I was hungry and thirsty" said Jesus "and you fed me"

"Lord, when did we feed you?" asked the disciples.

"When you fed anyone who was hungry," replied Jesus.

See information in LINK below.

Hope Centre - Village by village


Drop-off details as above or do contact Miranda or Carolyne to find out more, or perhaps arrange for one of us to collect from you.

Carolyne’s telephone contact details: 

01858 525150 / 07919 253 391
email : cr@duncanuk.com

Reverand Canon Miranda Hayes 
01858 525 342 
email:  Rector

Update on required items:

Our supplies of fresh are particularly limited 
so ANYTHING you could supply of this list would be a big, big help:

Fruit and Veg 
(Monday pick up, so perishables Sat, Sun or AM Mon please)
fresh fruit & Salad (apples, oranges, cucumber, Lettuce, etc - this really needs to be put in donation boxes on AM Monday). Also Onions, Potatoes, Parsnips, Cabbage, Carrots, Beetroots. 
Cheese and yoghurts (These items really need to be donated on the Monday morning)

Dried and tins

 Main requirements at present:

Tins of all kinds

Breakfast cereals, Porridge Oats, spreads/jams, tinned pasta (hoops etc) 

Regular Tea Bags (boxes 50/100) & Instant Coffee

Once again, thank you so much for your kind support.

Any queries on products. call : 07919 253 391

21st July 2020

Another week of incredible support for Hope.

Totally inspiring to be a part of such a generous and giving community.

Much love


14th July 2020

Dear All

A good quantity of tea was delivered to The Hope Centre, as they had requested, along with a hoard of other items.

Yesterday was week 10 of our Hope Centre Food Bank collection initiative and you might be interested to know that as a community we have donated:

Tins                                                                        1,159

Jars/bottles                                                                272

Dried pasta/oats/rice etc.                                          144 kgs

Packets/boxes (biscuits/tea etc.)                              249

Cleaning/Hygiene products                                       229

These products have been distributed to the most vulnerable in and around Northampton struggling at this time and has been hugely appreciated.

Please pass this information on to everyone in the villages as this is as huge achievement.

I will be taking donations in this Tuesday as usual.  Requests for instant coffee, cereals, porridge oats, jams, spreads and all tins.  They have a good quantity of dried pasta at this time. Any items are always hugely welcome.

Hope this helps with a bit of guidance.

Much love


7th July 2020
Great response to The Hope Centre request for breakfast cereals!

23rd June 2020 
7th consecutive week of incredible support. 
 The generous donations delivered to the food bank this morning 
included 44 tins of much needed spaghetti and 20 boxes of cereals also on the wanted list. 
Our communities have really made their mark at The Centre and it is hugely appreciated.

10th June 2020
Our combined village efforts enabled us to make another huge delivery to The Hope Centre yesterday 
which included over 90 tins, 5 kgs porridge oats, 1 dz packet of biscuits along with cereals, 
pasta sauces, jams, spreads and an assortment of other items. All received with huge enthusiasm and gratitude.

2nd June 2020
In the 3 weeks that we have been supporting the Food Bank,
we have  delivered 437 items (tinned and packet goods) and 24 Kgs of dried goods.
That is a HUGE amount of food – just think how many people that can feed!  
So exciting to know that we are really making a difference.
The support from the village communities has been amazing. 
Just one item a week can make all the difference.

see 2nd June 2020 Delivery Video