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Sibbertoft Pop-up Shop

Due to the lasyt year's events, Sibbertoft Sunday teas opening is delayed - we hope to restart at the end of June.

The hugely successful weekend Pop-up Shop will restart, each Saturday (weather permitting) at 11.00 a.m., outside Beam House, 44 Welland Rise and Roserie Cottage, at the top of Westhorpe. Weather and stock permitting we will set up on Saturdays and or Sundays offering a selection of seasonal ornamental herbaceous/perennials and annual plants and flowers. Vegetable and salad plants to grow in your own gardens, greenhouses or patios. Plus cut flowers fresh fruit and vegetables as they come available. Lesley and Cynthia are happy to give advice and to take orders for specific items. Also home-made jams, marmalade etc. If there is a demand, home-made cakes will will available on the first Saturday of each month.

We are happy to receive donations of labelled plants, eggsd, seasonal fruit and vegetables etc.  Contact Lesley via Sibbertoft Social WhatsApp group.

All funds raised will go towards the upkeep of St. Helen's church.

We look forward to your continued support in 2021.

Contactless, hand washing facilities. Honesty box and IOU system. Recycling containers, no transport miles and introducing peat-free compost. All good environmental practices and free gardening tips and advice should you need it.